pic Casin Night Frequently Asked Questions about Dallas Jackpot Casino: 

We do frequently rent out our equipment without dealers. We usually recommend that you do hire craps and roulette dealers if you want those games unless you have someone who knows the game very well, from both sides of the table, as these are complex games to run.

The dealers at your casino party are service people just like waiters and bartenders. They provide a service for you just as they would in an actual casino and tipping is generally based on the level of that service. Unlike an actual casino, the chips have no cash value and therefore players cannot use them as money to tip the dealer. It becomes the responsibility of the host, (just as at a large dinner party at a restaurant to tip the waiters) to tip the casino dealers. Tips in the amount of $10.00 to $20.00 per dealer are common.

YES, as long as certain conditions are met. Casino games per se are not illegal...its gambling for money that is illegal. DFWcasinoParties has put on hundreds of casino parties since 1992, and all of our events are for entertainment purposes only. NO money is allowed at any of the tables at any time.

Our standard rates include dealers for 3 hours. For most parties where you are raffling or auctioning prizes at the end, we find this to be a sufficient amount of time. For the "hard-core" players you may want to go longer.

What is a Casino Party?
A casino party recreates the energy and excitement of Las Vegas without having to leave home!!

We bring in your selections of casino games and dealers for your guests to play. All games are played with "play money" and guests "cash-out" for raffle tickets, hoping to win one of the prizes you as the host has provided for that purpose.

Types of Casino Parties

Corporate or Personal Entertainment
This is the majority of the events we do. Looking for a way to entertain your employees at next company party? We can help you essentially take your whole company to Las Vegas or Biloxi without leaving home !

How about all those sales reps in town for that sales meeting? Let us show you ways to integrate new product themes into your sales meeting entertainment. Maybe you have a country club full of members looking for a new social event or entertainment for your next golf tournament... we can help you score a "hole in one" there too.

Even a special birthday party for someone who love Las Vegas... let us provide the "high roller" honored guest with some very special surprises.

Charity Fund-raising
We do many of these too, where the emphasis is on fund-raising and having fun doing so of course. Your guests purchase fun money from you as a donation to your charity, and at the end of the evening "cash in " there winnings for raffle tickets. Then they eagerly anticipate winning a fine prize from a raffle or an auction of prizes you have purchased or had donated. In addition to sales of fun money, we can help you identify and evaluate addition sources of revenue to boost the income to your charity.

How Does a Typical Casino Work?
For your party, guests receive a predestined amount of "fun money" when they arrive. When they are ready to play, they can take this "fun money" to any of the gaming tables where the dealer will exchange it for chips. Guests play the games in hope of increasing their chances of winning a prize.

Winning a Prize
The most popular way to distribute prizes is when the casino closes, guests redeem their unused fun money and chips for raffle tickets, at a pre-determined exchange rate. The more chips they win- the more raffle tickets they accumulate. Once all the chips to raffle tickets conversions are done, you draw the winning tickets. More tickets doesn't guarantee anyone a prize-only more chances to win. It only takes one ticket to win the grand prize-that's part of the fun.

Is A Casino Party Legal?
YES, as long as certain conditions are met. Casino games per se are not illegal...its gambling that is illegal. Gambling is defined as having three essential elements; consideration (money), chance and prize. Consideration is the giving of something of value (money). Chance is simply the element of chance, which is present in all casino games. Prize is something of value (money) you might win.

All of our parties eliminate one or more of these three elements. As such, we are not conducting illegal gambling as defined by law.

For example, in a corporate entertainment setting, your guests do not pay anything to attend your party or to play the games-therefore there is no element of consideration.

None of the above should be construed to be legal advice of any sort. We encourage you to consult your own attorney if you have any concerns whatsoever as to the legalities of your specific event.

How many Casino games should I have?
We recommend you follow these guildelines for your Casino night based upon anticipated number of guests.

100 guests 6 Blackjack - 1 Craps - 1 Roulette - 4 Slots - 1 Poker

150 guests 9 Blackjack - 1 Craps - 1 Roulette - 5 Slots - 2 Poker

200 guests 12 Blackjack - 2 Craps - 1 Roulette - 5 Slots - 2 Poker

250 guests 15 Blackjack - 2 Craps - 1 Roulette - 10 Slots - 3 Poker

300 guests 18 Blackjack - 3 Craps - 1 Roulette - 15 Slots - 3 Poker

400 guests 24 Blackjack - 4 Craps - 2 Roulette - 20 Slots - 4 Poker

500 guests 30 Blackjack - 5 Craps - 2 Roulette - 25 Slots - 4 Poker

600 guests 36 Blackjack - 6 Craps - 3 Roulette - 30 Slots - 4 Poker

700 guests 42 Blackjack - 6 Craps - 3 Roulette - 35 Slots - 5 Poker

800 guests 48 Blackjack - 7 Craps - 5 Roulette - 40 Slots - 5 Poker

900 guests 54 Blackjack - 8 Craps - 5 Roulette - 50 Slots - 5 Poker

1,000 guests 60 Blackjack - 9 Craps - 6 Roulette - 60 Slots - 6 Poker

Additional Info  

Be sure to check on when the venue will be available for set-up, as we have to charge extra if we have less than two hours to set-up ase have to pay additional people to set-up.  For any party outside of the D/FW area, we charge travel.  Use mapquest to determne the distance.  We travel 30 minutes each way free and sometimes stretch this a little.  We use Irving as a starting point as this is about the middle of the metroplex.  If you have any uestions on this, just call us.

We cannnot use real money on any of the tables.  On Texas Hold'em tournaments, if they get togther outside the party and each contribute an amount to pay for the tables and to have prizes, this is okay as long as we have nothing to do with the awarding of prizes.  We can collect vouchers and give them the top winners,  but that is all we can do.

For other parties, we furnish two-sided tickets for drawings for prizes.  We also furnish fake money to start the party.

Contact Dallas Jackpot Casino at 972/300.4100 or send us an email @ Info@dallasjackpotcasino.com.