pic Texas Hold em Texas Hold'em for Casino Parties: 

Dallas Jackpot Casino offers a variety of alternatives if you are interested in having Texas Hold'em at your casino night party.

Texas Hold'em- regulation size tables complete with all accessories, setup, breakdown and tax pucks, and two new decks of cards.

There are different sizes of Texas Hold'em tables we offer for your Casino Night Party:

6' Texas Hold'em Table - 6' Table seats 8 players plus the dealer.

7' Texas Hold'em Table - 7' Table Seats 10 players plus the dealer.

Contact Dallas Jackpot Casino at (972) 527-5507 or send us an email @ Info@dallasjackpotcasino.com if you have any questions regarding renting Texas Hold'em for your Casino Night Party.

All prices are for a three-hour party and include set-up, break down and tax. If the casino play time is for more than three hours, we charge 1/3 for each additional hour.  Half hours are charged at the hour price.

We cannnot use real money on any of the tables.  On Texas Hold'em tournaments, if they get togther outside the party and each contribute an amount to pay for the tables and to have prizes, this is okay as long as we have nothing to do with the awarding of prizes.  We can collect vouchers and give them to the top winners, but that is all we can do.

For other parties, we furnish two-sided tickets for drawings for prizes.  We also furnish fake money to start the party.

Dallas Jackpot Casino Offers:

Be sure to check on when the venue will be available for set-up, as we have to charge extra if we have less than two hours to set-up ase have to pay additional people to set-up.  For any party outside of the Dallas & Fort Worth area, we charge travel.  Use mapquest to determne the distance.  We travel 30 minutes each way free and sometimes stretch this a little.  We use Irving as a starting point as this is in about the middle of the metroplex. If you have any questions just call us.